Our Instructors

We have a wonderful group of instructors involved in the studio.  Each with their unique teaching style and experience.  We proud ourselves in being certified and well qualified in what we do.

Meryl Szolkiewicz

Meryl has always been interested in training the body, and from a young age pursued movement in various styles of dance and sports. She became a qualified Pilates instructor in 2007, completing her comprehensive training with Control Conditioning. In 2008 she completed a B.Tech degree in Musical Theatre at TUT, majoring in dance teaching. This enabled her to teach dance, movement, body conditioning and Pilates to children and adults at various institutions ranging from small dance studios to tertiary institutions. She is also a qualified Barre Time instructor and is currently completing an Exercise Science Qualification with Trifocus Academy. She is a versatile trainer and enjoys working with children and women, bringing out the best in each individual.

Lara Niehaus

Lara joined the studio in January 2019 as our first full time MAPmovement Instructor.  We are so delighted to be able to offer this exclusive therapeutic movement practice.  In a MAPmovement class we use the fascial suit of the body.  We use anatomy and movements related to fascia to facilitate pain free movement and better function in the body. Lara is also busy with her BASI Pilates Mat qualification.

Lynné Brooderyk

Lynne is also called ‘hawk eye’ at the studio. Attention to detail became part of Lynne’s personality from a young age when she spent most her time as a dancer.  She uses this precision to asses each clients’ postural habits that they have collected over the years.  For Lynne it is like Christmas lights every time she receives a new client, a new challenge.   She has been a BASI Certified trainer since 2006 and has very extensive work experience as a Pilates instructor, including managing her own studio and working in a Physiotherapy Practice with Jacqueline Swart.  She has also done a lot of extra training in the field of postural analysis and assessment tools.  Her favourite challenge is to work with clients who have given up the fight after an injury or permanent partial disability.  The great results she sees in her clients is what keeps her so passionate about her job.

Monique  Steyn

Monique is currently completing her BASI Mat instructor training.  She holds a National Diploma in Sports & Exercise Technology. After 13 years of experience as a Personal Trainer she developed a great interest in the Pilates method.  Monique enjoys working with athletes as well as everyday people with regards to injury prevention; improving their sports performance; overall technique and posture & post injury and operation training.  Monique has extensive experience around fitness, including Cross Fit and Bodybuilding, which really sets her apart as Pilates Instructor in terms of knowing the limits of the human body.  She is a very motivational trainer with extensive experience in movement.

Candice Kensley

Candice is a comprehensive Pilates Instructor qualified through BASI.  She is passionate about working with all kinds of people from all walks of life. Candice has excellent working experience and gives great attention to program development and client research. 

Management team

Andria Pretorius
Studio Owner, Manager & Pilates Instructor
Sulène Ashton
Studio Owner, Manager & Pilates Instructor
Lara Niehaus
Accounts Manager


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