Our Instructors

We have a wonderful group of instructors involved in the studio.  Each with their unique teaching style and experience.  

Monique  Steyn

Monique is a very diverse and versatile trainer with 20 years experience in the Fitness Industry.  From Sport Science, Personal Training, Spinning, ‘After Rehab’ Training, Body Building, Crossfit, Pilates, and Myofascial Training.

She has a keen eye for detail, posture correction, and alignment.  She enjoys helping people become a better version of themselves, assisting them with developing body awareness, and being contempt with their bodies.

She also enjoys working with athletes as well as everyday people with regards to injury prevention; improving their sports performance, overall technique and posture and post injury and operation training.

After a shoulder injury in Crossfit she ended up doing Pilates and got hooked.  She’s a BASI Mat Certified Trainer since 2017, and is currently completing her BASI Comprehensive Instructors Training.

She holds a Nat Diploma in Sports and Exercise Technology, worked for 13 years as a Personal Trainer, competed for 4 years in Body Building Competitions, attended the Crossfit Level 1 Course in 2015 in Dubai, and in 2019 she attended Anatomy Trains in Motion (Fascia Training).

She is a very motivational trainer with extensive experience in movement and loves what she does!

Lara Niehaus

Lara is our studio's first full time MAP Movement Instructor.  She is also currently training with BASI Pilates as a MAT Instructor. 

She is a passionate and energetic teacher with a great interest in how movement carries through into a healthy fun filled, balanced life.  Through fascial movement, breathing. Pilates and postural function she connects her clients bodies with their minds and their lives.  Making a positive long term impact.  

Lynné Brooderyk

Lynne is also called ‘hawk eye’ at the studio. Attention to detail became part of Lynne’s personality from a young age when she spent most her time as a dancer.  She uses this precision to asses each clients’ postural habits that they have collected over the years.  For Lynne it is like Christmas lights every time she receives a new client, a new challenge.   She has been a BASI Certified trainer since 2006 and has very extensive work experience as a Pilates instructor, including managing her own studio and working in a Physiotherapy Practice with Jacqueline Swart.  She has also done a lot of extra training in the field of postural analysis and assessment tools.  Her favourite challenge is to work with clients who have given up the fight after an injury or permanent partial disability.  The great results she sees in her clients is what keeps her so passionate about her job.

Monique Desmarais

Monique has been teaching Pilates for 18 years.  Her attention to detail and passion for Pilates is clear in every class she gives!  She qualified with James Raaf & Associates and have taught at various locations in Centurion.  She also manages her own studio when not working at Inside Out Pilates Studio.  She understand the body, muscle function and Pilates method extensively.

Valme Van Wyk

Valme is a school teacher by trade and assists us during holidays as a standby instructor.  Her trianing includes attending the BASI Comprehensive Course.  She is a motivational and energetic teacher with a great eye for detail. 

Jean-Marie Steyn

Jean-Marie has been teaching Pilates since 2012.  She is a BASI Comprehensive Graduate and has experience teaching in various top studios.  She is exclusively teaching as an online instructor after her recent move.  Her attention to postural correction and carefully designed programs make her teaching stand out. 

Andria Pretorius
Studio Owner, Manager & Pilates Instructor

Management team

Lara Niehaus
Accounts Manager
Sulène Ashton
Studio Owner, Manager & Pilates Instructor
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